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Chez Lapin

Rose & Pomelo

Rose & Pomelo


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prounounced <<ʁoz & po-mehylo>>

🗪 : Rose & Pomelo

  • pomelo fruit, lemon blossom
  • rose centifolia, blush peony
  • powder, patchouli


Jardin Collection Signature

4 oz Petite Jar + Lid // up to 30 hr burn

9 oz Signature Tumbler // up to 60 hr burn

14 oz Grande Bowl // up to 70 hr burn

U.S. Grown Pure Soy Wax

Perfume & Essential Oils

Cotton Braided Wicking

Biodegradable Interior

Recyclable Exterior


Rose & Pomélo is an overtly playful and light-hearted scent. It is airy and initially feminine, however suitable for anyone seeking an elegant, intricate rose/citrus blend.

This fragrance features a host of bright fruit notes with subtle peony and centifolia rose, one of our favorite aromatic rose varieties.

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