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Chez Lapin

Du Jardin

Du Jardin

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Naturally Detoxing Clay Mask

🗪 Du Jardin: From the Garden

  • great for dry/ fragile skin
  • 2 oz reusable jar
  • naturally sourced


White Kaolin Clay: Gently pulls impurities from skin and exfoliates
Bentonite Clay: Pulls impurities from skin
Carrot: Aids in reducing wrinkles and scars, improves circulation, provides beta-carotene to skin
Calendula flower: Softens skin, reduces inflammation, treats acne


Du Jardin is fabulous for those who want a gentle cleansing of the skin but whose skin cannot handle the intensity of stronger clays like French Green.

It gently exfoliates while absorbing impurities from within the pores.


  • Mix 2 parts Du Jardin with 1 part floral water or regular water in a small bowl. Add a drop of Essential Oil, if desired.
  • Stir to mix evenly. Add Raw Honey or Yogurt if a thicker consistency is desired. Paint mixture onto skin and allow mask to get near dry.
  • Rinse mask off by rubbing finger tips in circular motion with lukewarm water until clay is thoroughly removed.
  • Follow with a spritz of Floral Toner and soothing facial oil.

    We recommend using this facial mask 1-2 times a week and for no longer than 13 minutes at a time.​

Remove mask if any burning or irritation occurs.

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