Your Purchases: from candles to medical care

2021 was another great year. Another great year of customers, like you, showing up for small businesses virtually and physically. 

Your purchases with Chez Lapin translate into valuable medicine, life-saving surgeries, and food and shelter for so many rabbits in the region. We are amazed, as always, at the work that Rabbit Wranglers does and how they take your donations and put them right to work with who desperately needs it. 

Read below about a select few of the buns that our donations helped save;


Fiona has been under the special care of Rabbit Wranglers for 1.5 years due to her special medical care needs. She enjoys her days in her foster home, healing in her cozy, fluffy bed.


Sir Nigel Pennysworth

Rabbits with behavioral issues, like Sir Nigel Pennysworth, live under RW foster care until they are ready for a new home. Sir Nigel found himself unhappy in his previous home, which caused him to act out. He is becoming more gentle with lots of enrichment toys and activities to keep his mind busy.



From the Southern states to Pittsburgh, Bentley found himself re-locating because of the medical attention he could receive with the expert exotic vets in the area. He has a sensitive digestive tract but now that he feels better, he enjoys his days being active and playful in his foster home.



Kenzie has been in the RW foster system for nearly 3 years. Your donations don't only go to medical costs, but also to the day-to-day living costs for rabbits still in foster care, like Kenzie. Kenzie's been slowly gaining confidence and becoming less shy, through the patience and warmth of her foster home. 

Scorpio & Coco

Scorpio and Coco found their way to Rabbit Wranglers from different parts of the country because of the special medical care that they both require that other shelters could no longer afford. Because of good Samaritans rescuing these rabbits and bringing them to R.W., they now are now best buds and receive the care that they deserve.



Aissatou was found trapped in a colony of over 40 rabbits. When rescued, she was brought to R.W. and they determined that she was pregnant. Aissatou had a very hard time giving birth. She was able to get an emergency C-section and had a hoppy litter! 



All of the best in the year ahead,


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