Our Guide to Planning an Earth-Friendly Event

Spring is abuzz and so is EVENT SEASON!

From showers to weddings, we know first hand how much events can cost you; in finance and in waste. So we wanted to share our favorite tips on how to move through the planning process for an event, being mindful of minimizing waste and saving money.


1) Invest in wedding favors that people will actually love and use. Think consumable things, like;

  • Biodegradable soy candles in reusable glass containers
  • Lip balms in recyclable tins
  • Insect repellent in glass spray bottles
  • Artisanal candies in a cotton bag with plant-seed tags
For my wedding, we invited our guests into the woods of Northwestern Pennsylvania and it wouldn't have been comfortable if we didn't have our insect repellent as a take-away favor for guests. Practical and helpful!

2) Consider creating table centerpieces that can be taken home by the guests at each table.

This also doubles as a favor, too! That may require a small sign that encourages folks to take what they'd like home, to avoid waste on things like fresh flowers, candles, vases, etc.

Martha Stewart has some good examples on how to do this tastefully!


3) Have your family and friends bring a collection of flowers, ferns, greens, or moss from their yards for your table arrangements.

It's free, collaborative, and ultimately a great reflection of your surroundings and the area you live in. 



4) If you're considering fresh flowers, see that they get donated to a local charity or organization that could use some cheer.

"Scent with Love" a local Pittsburgh organization provides this service.

image property of Scent With Love, 501c3.


5) Check out Facebook Marketplace

for people in the area that are selling or renting display pieces, table cloths, sign holders, archways, etc; for weddings. Thrift stores also have donated items that were used once and can be used again for weddings.




We hope that our tips inspire you to plan the best party ever. And if you find that you're in need of a custom party fragrance or mini-insect repellents, you know where to find us!

All our best,


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