Bien Faire: Doing Good

Chez Lapin was founded on a few fundamental beliefs.

1) That high quality goods should be accessible to everyone.

2) That the products you enjoy shouldn't harm you, the environment, or animals.

By crafting self-care goods that have a positive impact on your well-being, the environment, and animal welfare; our goal is to challenge you to think more intentionally about your purchases. We want you to know the impact that your Chez Lapin purchases have on your community, animal-kind, and the planet that we live on.

As always, we donate a portion of every purchase to domestic rabbit rescue in the region. It is our pleasure to let you peek behind the scenes and see two examples of how your 2022 purchases have helped rabbit rescue!


Sun, AKA Sun-Bun, came to us in 2019 after having spent her whole life in a zip-tied shut cage, surrounded by 29 other Dutch rabbits in neglect. She has spent several years in Rabbit Wranglers care while they worked continuously with the court system to prevent these rabbits from going back from where they came. She was triaged, housed en-masse, and then sent to our foster-home until the court made their determination to free the rabbits in November, 2022.

Sun now enjoys floral snacks, fresh greens, and a free-range lifestyle with plush carpet under her feet instead of rusty cage wires. Thanks to your help, Sun has received the love and care needed to show her that people can be trusted. Sun is now adoptable and is scheduled this month to receive the medical care she needs to stay healthy and hopping!

Sigfried, AKA Siggy, came to us in January after having been born in November. He, along with his two siblings, were stunting their Mother's healing, who of which was rescued mid-2022 while pregnant at a meat farm.

Since Siggy was born in Rabbit Wranglers care, he has only known good days! He enjoys sitting on the window sill and watching the street, laying next to his dog sibling and running laps around his foster house.

Thanks to your help, Siggy and his family are scheduled to receive their vaccinations and spays/ neuters in early Spring so they can move on to find their forever-homes.

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