2023: The Year of the Rabbit

Last year may have been the 'Year of the Rabbit', but Rabbit Wrangler's rescue work remained as busy as ever.

From surrendered rabbits to inhumane rescue cases, Rabbit Wranglers took 122 rabbits into their care in 2023. From special health care and medications to love and socializing, a lot goes into rehabilitating each individual rabbit. It can take a great deal of effort and patience to gain the trust of a prey animal like a rabbit but the team at Rabbit Wranglers does an excellent job. 

We are so proud to be partnered up with a great network of fosters, like them. Last year you even got to meet a few of the wrangled rabbits in person! They quickly stole our hearts with their charm and fun personalities. Here's some snapshots of their time in our space at our December Open Studio;

Open Studio, 12/10/2023


 2023 Donation

As you all know, a portion of every one of your Chez Lapin purchases goes to Rabbit Wranglers, who is focused on rescuing and providing care for abused, neglected, and abandoned rabbits. Having donated for 8 years now, we could not be more proud to watch that donation grow and grow every year. Because of your awesome support in 2023, we were able to donate over $4,000 to the sweet rabbits in need.

Here are some rabbits that your donation is helping to support. 



Again, our donations couldn't happen without you. We are eternally grateful for your support of our small business and in turn, rabbit rescue. We hope to continue to bring you the best of the best cruelty free, eco friendly goods for years to come.

with love,

the Chez Lapin team

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