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Chez Lapin

Cinnamon & Rosemary: WH

Cinnamon & Rosemary: WH

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4 oz Petite Jar + Lid // MSRP: $12-

9 oz Signature Tumbler + Letterpressed Dust Cover // MSRP $22-

14 oz Grande // MSRP $30-

  • cinnamon, clove
  • vanilla bean
  • woody rosemary


Chalet Collection Signature

4 oz Petite Jar // up to 30 hr burn

9 oz Signature Tumbler // up to 60 hr burn

14 oz Grande // up to 70 hr burn

U.S. Grown Pure Soy Wax

Perfume & Essential Oils

Cotton Braided Wicking

Biodegradable Interior

Recyclable Exterior


This candle is inspired by the days leading up to the big holiday- bonding with loved ones over holiday cooking and baking in the kitchen.

We were longing to see more herbal notes represented in holiday candles, so decided to blend herbaceous Rosemary and spicy Cinnamon to create a rich yet earthy, delicious holiday fragrance.

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